Australian Dog Groomers Shootout

Les Speerin

Dog Grooming Steward



The Groomers Shootout competition is open to salon groomers who have not previously competed in a grooming contest and all Level 1 ( Novice ) & Level 2 ( Intermediate ) groomers.

The Groomers Shootout is a fun filled grooming competition based on a round robin format with the groomers having a time frame to complete a salon style groom on the dog. The judging will be based on the overall pet trim that the groomer has managed to produce within the specified timeframe.

Registration Form (.pdf)

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This contest is an avenue for rescue organisations to further educate the public that a cost effective and viable alternative exists to purchase animals through a rescue organisation which is beneficial to the welfare of abandoned animals.


Contest dogs will be bathed and dried prior to commencement of the competition

Groomers are allowed an assistant in the Groomers Shootout. This decision is at the discretion of the groomer to either work on their own or to work with an assistant or partner as sourced and organised by the groomer.

All competitors will use the same equipment as supplied by the organiser.

The only exceptions to this rule is 1. Scissors  &  2. Bling ( ornamental features )

1.    Competitors are allowed the use of their own scissors in the contest. Scissors include Straight , Curved , Texturisers , Blenders & Thinning Shears.

2.    Ornamental “ bling “ is allowed at the groomers discretion and supply.  Bling ( ornamental features ) include all decorative ornaments relevant to dog grooming which do not pose an issue to the welfare , health & well being of the animal.

Not Allowed In The Ring

Although not limited to the following items are not allowed in the competition ring and will result in expulsion from the contest.

a)    Mobile phones and devices ( including Ipads , tablets etc )

b)    Smoking

c)    Head sets

d)    Instructional guidance

e)    Heated glue guns

f)     Bleach

g)    Alteration of Hair Colouring

h)    Bad sportsmanship / attitude

The promoter reserves the right to exclude anything on the day deemed not appropriate to the running of the contest as determined by the organiser.


Timeframes for the contest are as follows:

  1. Judges meeting  1 ½  hours prior to the start of contest. ( Duration 30 minutes )
  2. Draw for dogs and Orientation ( 1 hour ) Dematting and brushing is allowed during this time
  3. Grooming of Contest Dogs under 16 inches = 30 minutes
  4. Grooming of Contest Dogs 16 inches and over = 45 minutes
  5. Judging ( app 30 minutes )


Normal grooming attire

Fancy Dress

Covered footwear is compulsory

Personal grooming salon advertising is encouraged and permitted on the day

No company advertising permitted other than the groomers personal salon or as agreed by the organiser.

Competitors Information

Groomers are to abide by all animal welfare code of conducts, code of practice and code of ethics at all times.

Any unnecessary handling or unruly treatment of the dogs will lead to disqualification as deemed by the judging panel.

Groomers will be given one only warning. If in the opinion of the judging panel a dog is being treated by the groomer in an unnecessary aggressive manner or with excessive handling, the groomer will be instructed to down their tools and will not be considered for placement in judging.

Consideration and compassion to the groomer will be taken into account if it is deemed that due to the dog’s behaviour the dog is too difficult to groom under the circumstances.

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